Smell Goods ‘98™

Do you live, feel, and smell good? If not, try the natural bath & body products from Smell Goods ‘98™. I’ve enjoyed their 100% Palm Oil Soap, Essentials Deodorant & Powder, Hand-Dipped Incense, Pure Body Balm, Whipped Cream Body Lotion, Mojito Sugar Scrub, and quite a few others.

My favorite Smell Goods ‘98™ bath product is the Palm Oil Soap. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized unlike manufactured soap. It’s also good for a silky shave and washing my hair. While my favorite body product is the Whipped Cream Body Lotion, (Gentle Wind scented), which leaves my skin feeling and smelling good for hours, I really like the Pure Body Balm because I’ve found it to be great for my hair as well.

I’ve had the soul-pleasing pleasure of meeting Itiel, owner of Smell Goods ‘98™, twice and each time her love for providing these amazing products rang evident. Her passion for giving back also set well with me. When you purchase this soap, a portion of the proceeds goes to Solutions Cancer Resource Center Inc.!

I’m Larie and I aromatically approve this message! Click here to receive $10 to shop.


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  1. '....I aromatically approve this message.' Love that. Thank you for your business and tremendous support.


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