...of Stepping Back Into a Phase

Once again while browsing through my old blog posts, I came across this one, click here, and I became sad and disappointed. I began to question myself: "What happened to me?" "Why did I stop writing frequently?" "When did my faith begin to waver again?" "How did I allow myself to go backwards?" and "Why aren't I dancing in the rain now?" Of course I couldn't answer one of those questions; instead I just let them play over and over in my mind like a bad yet catchy jingle.

But really, is there something that happens in between storms that causes us to be afraid in the next and start to avoid the rain, thunder, lightening, and sometimes heavy winds? Maybe it's the way the storm comes in. There are times we see it approaching, and others it seems as if the sky just literally opens up and BAM, there's huge drops of rain even though the sun is still shining. Ah-ha! Maybe that's what it is, I was thrown off by the still bright shining sun. Maybe I'd become so comfortable that I'd forgotten the purpose, ( James 1:2-4), which caused me to become haughty and ungrateful. So then now in this storm, I've sought out earthly shelter instead of my Godly shelter, (Psalm 46:1), because I'd forgotten from whence my help came, (Psalm 121:1), and what my Lord does, (2 Chronicles 20:12).

I'm at another point of recognition, therefore I must take action by dancing in the rain and once again embracing it with the knowledge that it will end when what God intends has yielded. I also made a goal to post a blog at least once a week and to complete book number three by the end of 2013! Stay tuned and feel free to hold me to my words.

Oooooh, something else I just thought of, when planted, a seed needs to be watered, it's part of its' nourishment to help it grow...OH YEAH, I'M DEFINITELY GONNA STOP HIDING INSIDE AND GO GET WET!


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