...of Sometimes It Just Takes a While

This morning I listened to R. Kelly belt out, "...if I can see it then I can be it...," from "I Believe I Can Fly" and it hit me that most of the time all I "see" is the negative going on around me! "Whoa," I said to myself, I have got to change my way of thinking; turn my head and look in another direction, clean my glasses really good and focus on the optimistic!

Now I think back to "So Ambitious" by Jay Z and in the chorus Pharrell pretty much says the same thing about seeing something and being it. Wow, there have been many times I've sang/rapped along with both these songs, and it seems that I'm just now getting the message. I admit though, I am a person who is first attracted to a song because of its' music alone. If it gets me moving I "like" it then later I catch on to the words but still mostly being into the beat until finally I actually listen to it and pay attention to what I'm repeating and the purpose dawns on me and it becomes more than just a song with a tight beat that I'm feeling.

Now come on, I know I'm not the only one, what's "your" song?


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