...of Little Girl's Pouring Heart

Is self-love learned?

Who teaches and/or models it?

Is maintenance required? If so, how often?

Looking at my children, I realize that when they hug, kiss, or cuddle with me or their father and mutter, "I love you," it's something they've learned to do. As babies we held & kissed them while simultaneously telling them we love them. After prayers are said at night and they are tucked away under their sheets, they hear, "Goodnight. I love you." When they've received a gift from their grandparents or when we are driving away after a weekend stay, my parents stand by waving, telling them, "We love you." Even at worship service there are the sweet elderly sisters who have candy and are always ready to give a hug, kiss and the infamous cheek pinch, all with, yeah you guessed it, "I love you!"


But where is Love-Yourself?

I'm not knocking love from others, 'cause if it weren't for the love of another I'd be pitiful, (John 3:16), I'm just asking, when there's not an earthly person around to tell or show you they love you, what do you do and how do you feel?


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