...of A Day of First's

I cried this morning as my daughters got on the school bus. It's my 10 year old's first day in a new school in a new state and my 5 year old's first time riding the school bus but she got on the bus like she'd been riding for years! Then to torture myself some more, I met them at school, (but my excuse was to carry the school supplies they couldn't fit in their backpacks...wink wink), and I burst into tears when I saw my 5 year old walking down the hallway alone! I screamed in my head, "WHY IS SHE WALKING TO CLASS ALONE? DON'T THEY KNOW SHE'S ONLY IN KINDERGARTEN? HOW DO THEY KNOW SHE WILL FIND HER CLASSROOM?" Yeah, yeah, yeah, we went to open house last week and she knew her room number and met her teacher but...

She saw me crying and her eyes got red and watery so I quickly attempted to diffuse a cry fest by praising her for finding her room and I joked with her, "I beat you here, hahaha!" She smiled and asked if she could go in so we walked in and I told her to look around and find her name on the desk, so she did and immediately asked where she needed to put her stuff and wanted to get settled in and I knew that was my cue to leave. We prayed, hugged, kissed, and high-fived.

Once I left the kindergarten hall I hightailed it over to the fifth grade hall to catch my first born. When she saw me she smiled so big and I was like, "Awwwww, you're happy to see me!" (Yes I know, so vain, lol). She said, "Mommy, can I please be a car rider for the rest of the school year because these hallways are too confusing?" I reminded her that it's only the first day and to give it some time. She and I prayed as well and said our second see ya later's and we parted ways. As I walked back to the car wiping tears away, I peeked in my baby girl's class as I passed by since it was on the way out, (don't judge me...lol), and she was just sitting there with a no expression on her face that I could read, but I knew she was okay and I kept it moving before she could see me.

I can honestly say that this is the first year I was NOT looking forward to school starting because of the changes we've experienced over the past six and a half months and this was just another change that we had to endure while wondering when will it just be what it is instead of it's coming. However, we pray and just believe that God knows and is taking care of us.



  1. I remember going through the same with my two youngest boys. We were in a new state and they were in kindergarten and first grade. I was so nervous for them, being in a new school...on their own. But they adjusted nicely, had awesome teachers and had an amazing school year. I think a lot of the time, it's harder on US than THEM...lol. It's a sure sign that our babies are growing up and becoming less dependent on us.

    This post really brought back memories and touched my heart. Those 2 youngest boys are now in 3rd and 4th grade!

  2. No judgement here. Just a touched heart.


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