...of 3 yr. old boys

My son placed 2 remotes in this cooler. I laughed when I first saw it and thought to myself, "He's always doing something." I stopped laughing when I tried to remove the remotes. I couldn't get them out! No, I was not like the monkey! Any-who, the problem was that my hand could not get far enough inside to grasp at least one remote to slide it out. Once I "fought" with it and figured that I was only going to be able to use 2 fingers to coax the gray remote, (I had to go for this one first because it's the DVR remote!!!), I then realized that I was going to actually have to tug at it. I was really not laughing now because I began to think that it was stuck. Ya' know how some things will fit into, but don't come out. I calmed myself down when I looked down to my right and saw the wide smile of accomplishment on my son's face. I retreived the camera and well...


  1. Tooo funny! I remember the days of the toddler! I have two boys of my own, but much older. Yes, they still do crazy things, but they aren't as funny as when they were younger. As a matter of fact, most of the time the things they do aren't funny at all - I wonder if they are losing their minds!

  2. Funny post. My 4 years old girl always do crazy things to:)



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