... of defining adultery

The phone rings. Nervously, “I’ll get it,” my husband says.

I catch him glancing at me while he speaks indistinctively.
Is it adultery?

To whom is he speaking with, and why is he now leaving the room?
Could it be, adultery?

“I’ll be back,” he says. “Can I ‘wide wit’ you daddy?” “Not this time man.”
Is he committing adultery?

Our checking account is -$42! How? Did I mismanage our finances again?
Not adultery…is it?

Oh, I see, the Automatic Teller Machine dispensed $200. WAIT, for what?
It can’t be for adultery’s pleasure, IT CAN’T! Can it?

He’s keeping secrets, having private conversations, going out alone, and spending unaccountable money, “NO, NO, NO! Not adultery, not here NOOOOOOOO!”

What’s this? Tucked between the seats…Western Union, “The fastest way to send money”
Adultery’s revealing…
"Father, after I read this, tell me what to do. I want to remain lady-like and loving.
Please don't let it be adultery Lord. PLEASE, In Jesus' name, Amen."

The name, I KNOW THE NAME! This is why it’s a secret.
Does it count as adultery when there is no physical intimacy?

I know it is not physical because I had read the name that belongs to my mother-in-law.

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