...of, "at least I tried"

"Cameron" dressed himself for Worship service a couple of weeks ago. Yes the buttons are off a little and he doesn't look put together very well, BUT, he tried. Look at the smile on his face, it reads, accomplished.

I thought about my Christian growth, how I sometimes try to do things myself and end up a little "off" and then others SEE that I am not put together very well. I too walk around with a smile of accomplishment when I do things my way, however, where I differ from "Cameron" is that my efforts were toward my way. I should have been putting my effort in doing it God's way.
1 Samuel 15 & Joshua 1:7
Note to self: Do what God says... His way!
Lastly, this post makes #45. We will be celebrating when post #50 arrives. Find out why & how in 5 more posts...


  1. LOL. Cailem is probably wondering why YOU don't think he's put together very well. "What's the problem,Mom? Let's go to church!" Toooo cute!

  2. Your son is adorable and what a good lesson you shared!

  3. I love that smile! I've thought of this analogy often when my kids were little. I can still hear them saying, "Mama, let me do it by myself!"

    I can hear myself saying it to God, "I can do it myself."

    thanks for the reminder, Larie Dear!



Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!