...My Safe Place & gift # 4

Hey, hey, hey! Wonderful, wonderful weekend!!! How was yours?

This week I would like to share more of my heart-thoughts with you all by way of writing my own Psalm using Psalm 31 as a model. This encouragement comes from Karen at Surviving Motherhood. Today, Karen started with verses 1-8 of Psalm 31.

Here's what I've written for the same verses:

LORD, I have, thru baptism, been given a place of protection to dwell. For in You there is no shame. I can hold my head high because of You oh LORD! When I called You, God, You hesitated not. You heard me before I called. Lovingly & mercifully You ceased my calling by rescuing me. I am in danger no more. THANK YOU LORD! Because You are my protection, I am lead by You, & so, Your reverent name is exalted.

Father, free me from myself. My selfishness is a trap; a trap set by me. I must take refuge in You oh God, and be rescued. I give up, but it is to You, my Conqueror, that I do so. Self, I surrender, to You LORD God; I am Your slave now. No longer a slave to self! Because I am leaning on You LORD, my hands have released the carnal things of which I once held so tightly to.

I am happy & thankful because of Your love for me, You love me in spite of myself, self-absorbed. I was my affliction. You took me from myself. You took me from my pride, You put me to my knees. The anguish You saved my soul from was myself. I, selfish-prideful-obstinate, You will not let me be a slave to.

Today's gift is a mani/pedicure set!

WOO-HOO! Who's gettin' the pampering...

...LaVender at Mom's Peace Bites! I really enjoy visiting LaVender's place because she's all about peace. It is soooo relaxing at her place. I also like "hanging out" with LaVender because she is prior active-duty military and my husband is currently active-duty so she can sympathize with issues of the military family. She ministers to military families at Moms Web as well. Thank you LaVender, I love you!




  1. "I was my affliction."
    Love it, Larie! Not the fact - the realization!
    Praying for your through this journey.

  2. I love your post. It was so interesting to reed:)


  3. What a precious, heartfelt Psalm you wrote Larie! I've done that before so I know it's not that easy.

    God bless you abundantly my friend!


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!