...of lament-less-ness & gift # 8

We are done lamenting with writing our own Psalm! Today, Karen said we can move on to verses 14-18 of Psalm 31.

This makes me feel better because I felt as if i was whining. I am also afraid of what else God is going to tell me that I am hiding!

In spite of my fears LORD, I have to trust You. This means to lean on You, believing in Your ability to support me. I look back to past “stormy seasons” and see that it was just that, a season. Besides, You have not neglected to allow my “favorite” seasons to outnumber the rest.

You LORD God are in control of my life and You are constant in Your love. Therefore, I know that You are going to deliver me. I am no longer being chased. Father, because of my pride, please don’t let me be shamed. I’m sorry. My fears & affliction will be shamed. In their shame, their lies that I believed will be exposed and then laid to rest.

This heart was made for a bloggy friend who has encouraged me with their writings. That is why the book and pencil are there. Please to continue to write so that others will feel the same! The ribbon signifies a bond that ties us together, "Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love..." and the heart is mine, this heart that you have encouraged to speak. Thank you, beloved friend. And "my heart belongs to..."

...KAREN @ Surviving Motherhood! How fitting since she is the one responsible for my heart's "meltdown" the last three days! :)

Karen and I "met" while I was blog surfing. Her bloggy name, Irritable Mother, was displayed on another blogspot and I just had to know what she meant by that. I clicked it, and clicked with what she was blogging about!!!

We have communicated via e-mail and I feel as if I met her at a past duty station and we have just been keeping in contact since then. I hope to actually meet her at her next speaking engagement, but it's just to get my book autographed!!! LOL

Thank you "Irritable Mother" for also being my "Relatable Friend," I love you!



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  1. Larie, you absolutely bless my heart. *big grin*
    I'm going to be in Florida in April. But I'm afraid that's too far for you. *frown*
    Praying for a speaking engagement in NC!!!


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!