...of still lamenting & gift # 6

I'm continuing on with writing my own Psalm, modeled after Psalm 31. Today Karen suggested that we expound on yesterday's verses, 9-13.

LORD, yesterday, I only cut loose a little. After thinking about what I said, I realized that micro-managing is not what I am doing, it's taking over. That's just rude. I remain in my affliction because of this. I thought it was enough for me to just admit to You that I am my affliction. After that, I needed to "get out of my own way," that was my job. Silly me, didn't know that I can do nothing that You don't allow me to do.

Young AND foolish.

The enemy I am running from is myself.

Today's gift is a stationary set. It includes a journal, notepad, cards w/envelopes and two pens! So, my friend who receives this is...

...EDIE at Rich Gifts! I love "going" to Edie's place because I feel as if we are in the same room, but she is doing all of the talking! When I read her posts, it seems to flow as a conversation and I just love it.

Edie and I "connected" when I solicited her awesome skills to design this blog. 'Ain't she good y'all?! Check out Edie's graphic site to see the other wonderful things she creates. I love that Edie acknowledges her talent is from God. He is glorified.

Creations 4 His Glory is another spot you can see what Edie's does with God's blessing of crafting. I love you Edie!!!




  1. So glad you're hanging in with me on this, Larie! Know that I am praying for you daily as you write.
    I had to smile at your last line: Young AND foolish. That's sort of a joke my husband and I have going. Whenever we talk about something dumb we've done and we ask WHY? One of us always takes on a "dorky" tone and says, "Because I'm young and stupid?"
    Bless you today, friend. One more day of lamenting left.

  2. Yes, it was fun to made this awards:)



  3. Yay! I won! :D Tell that sweet little girl of yours thank you from me for picking my name.

    Thank you Larie. You have a beautiful heart for God. I just love you too. :)

    Hugs and blessings to you my friend.


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!