...of Patience's Beginning

Summer, 2004, was approaching its’ end. Our first-born had just reached her 14th month of life when we learned of my being pregnant again. Excitement took over until the morning sickness kicked in and preparations for my in-laws’ arrival. This was not just a visit; they were coming to live with us. At that moment, we were residing in a two-bedroom apartment on an Air Base in Japan. However, with my being pregnant, we were eligible for a three-bedroom. Therefore, we decided to move.

Backtracking just a bit, Anton’s mother and I do not get along; well, actually, neither does Anton and his mother. However, she is his mother and he does what he is able to do for her. Anton’s intention of informing me of his mother’s situation had nothing to do with her coming to live with us, yet he was more concerned with how we were going to help her in other ways. I, only wanting to do the “right” thing, suggested that she come to live with us and that Anton make her and his brother dependants. Again, I tell you, these words came from my mouth only because I wanted to do the right thing. I also thought that it was what Anton wanted, but just didn’t say so because of me. A good wife, yeah, that’s it; I wanted to be a good wife!

Okay, it came time to move. I draped myself, nauseated, over a friend’s couch while Anton moved our belongings. Three days after we moved in, my in-laws arrived. With all the changes at one time, I did not adjust too well; but I tried:

*Tried to keep up with a fourteen-month-old

*Tried to keep my food down

*Tried to be hospitable

*Tried to wait tolerantly for the doctor’s decision on my delivering at our home station instead of being medically aero-evacuated to Okinawa again.

*I just tried to be, patient.

Another backtrack, a cardiologist diagnosed me with Neurocardiogenic Syncope and prescribed a beta-blocker. If the beta-blocker had not worked, (I’ve been on 3 doses until my syncope episodes were gone. The max dose is 200mg), a pacemaker would have been the next option. I am currently taking 50mg once a day. Because of the risk of my blood pressure dropping and heart rate elevating during labor, Anton and I were sent to a Naval hospital in Okinawa for 72 days because this base is better equipped for “High-Risk” pregnancies. Initially, I was not supposed to go until week 35, however, with pre-term labor threatening at 32 weeks, we were sent then. Upon arrival, contractions and dilation stopped. However, they decided to keep me since they were expecting me a few weeks later. Two weeks after the debut of our first child, we were back in Misawa, our home station.

So, back to September of 2004, I’m only about 10 weeks pregnant with our son, "First-born" is an active & precocious 14-month-old girl, we moved and my in-laws came to live with us. Feeling overwhelmed, I prayed for patience


  1. Oh my. I have no problems compared to this. Forgive me, Lord, for ever feeling sorry for myself.
    You are one brave and good woman, Larie. May I live next door to you, please? I need patience lessons.

  2. Oh, Larie.
    Hadn't anyone ever told you??? You're never supposed to pray for patience - because then God will surely put you in situations where you'll need to learn to be patient.
    Yeah, I think you were already there!
    Though I don't know the end of the story, I do know God has been using your trials to make you more like Jesus. To make you beautiful.
    Looking forward to reading it.
    Love you,


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!