...of I got some proof for y'all!!!

I think it's time to lighten things up a bit here at "My Heart Speaks..." So for today, I'm taking a break from the "When a Girl Prays For Patience" session.

Do you all remember the grocery post? If not, read it now and then come back, I'll wait...

no rush...

you had to stop and laugh? well keep reading...

yeah I know, a hoot...

Well, y'all know we've had to go grocery shopping again a couple two or three times since. Yeah, so on this particular grocery escapade, armed with my cell phone, I captured visual evidence:

Okay, let me explain this one. I went to another aisle to retrieve some useful item that I now can not remember but the point is that the above undisputable evidence is what I came back to. Now, "Babygirl", the featured "Anton's Child," is the youngest of the bunch. However, she is NOT in the basket! Take notice that there is one of "Anton's Kids" in the cart because of the hanging foot. That foot belongs to our 6-years-old daughter, THE OLDEST CHILD!!!

Why did I leave them again, well actually, they left me so never mind that question. Anyway, this time, when I caught up with them, (yes my hands were full with the necessities such as fruit snacks, pretzels, and cereal. I even tried really hard to get a snack that Anton would not put in the "Whack Snack" category. However, my point is that my hands were full but no one said to me, "Oh my, it looks like you've got your hands full!" remember that one?), so as I began to say, I'd caught up with them and this is what I came to...

This above photo features "Anton's two youngest children" climbing the freezer! Yes, our oldest was still in the basket! There you have it, proof of the Norvell's grocery shopping adventures. Yet, still, I continue to go! :)


  1. And this my friend is why I leave my children at home! LOL I can't think when my kids are with me shopping. I thank the Lord for my 16 year old who can watch the younger two!!!
    Big hugs to you girlfriend.

  2. Yeah I wait until D gets home so I can leave him to babysit. I need to take my time and Andrew would be a mess in the 45 minutes it takes me. Plus, my cart is always too full so I wouldn't have enough room for A and the food.

  3. Oh my, I know you did this on purpose so all my escapades with my kids would make me feel not so silly! It used to be kids; now it's grandkids. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, they are adorable. How can you stay mad at them, now?

  4. Hands full indeed! Here where folks panic at a snowflake. A storm was coming I took my then 3 year old son to the store. There were no carts the store was packed with people. You would have thought it was the end of the world. No bread, no milk. I reached up to price some chicken and let go of Paul's hand. When I looked back down he was gone. I looked around me...we are talking seconds. He was no where in sight. I looked walking to my right, I spot him hiding behind freezer playing hide and go seek. I drop my basket on the floor, grocery shopping over.

  5. That kid's a little monkey! She'll keep you on your toes for sure..... :O)

  6. I remember those days, well. GOD BLESS YOU, sweetie!

  7. Oh, what a hoot! I remember going shopping with my Mom, all 6 of us kids tagged along. However, we had a VERY strict Daddy and there would be NO freezer climbing on our trips! LOL

  8. this is precious Larie! I can just hear you and.....the kids ~ laughing and saying "NOW WHAT do you think you are doing?" tooo cute!

    thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face!

  9. What a little cutie hanging on that cart!

    You're invited to join me:

    I'm having a little fun myself with a bloggers club I just launched.

  10. LOL! You were able to take pictures of this, so this says alot about your patience and peace of mind. You go, girl!

  11. So extremely funny Larie! I remember those days so well. Now I leave all children at home when I shop. Less entertaining but more efficient! LOL

  12. Oh so cute! My youngest used to love to open and close the big freezer doors at Costco. He would try and pull himself up on that edge there and hand onto the handle (not to mention get in everyone's way until I noticed and asked him to get down).


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