...of this one is for you, Irritable Mother!

As you can imagine, both the doctor and I were a bit taken aback by her meltdown; however, I did not hold it against her. I think that she was harder on herself than I was because she did not come back that evening for another scan. I decided to turn my attention solely on cleansing the toxins from my body by refraining from the television for the remainder of my stay. My mind had been devoted to prayer, reading God’s word and drinking water. The nausea rapidly increased to the point of “paralyzing” me. Whenever I moved, everything moved with me, or so it seemed anyway, so I sat still. In spite of the queasiness, I had to fight it in order to shower, change my sheets & pajamas and to correspond with the nurses who did the checks. I also forgot to tell you that when they checked on me I had to make eye contact with them. So at one point during the worst nauseated moment ever, a nurse knocked at my door but my back was to the door so I just threw my hand up but she knocked again and I again threw my hand up but again, she knocked and that time it was with much more force so I jerked myself around, (wrong thing to do because I only hurt myself more), focused my eyes on hers and threw my hand up. She smiled and walked off.

In the morning, a nurse called into my room to inform me that the Nuclear Medicine doctor would be coming down soon and that she wanted me to make sure that I’d showered before she entered the room. Dragging myself up, I made it to the bathroom and into the shower. Just as I stepped out, I heard the doctor’s voice calling my name! “Yes?” I said. “I’m ready to do your scan.” I told her that I wasn’t dressed yet but she claimed that it would be all right. I wrapped myself in a towel and took my place at my line. The scanner crackled faintly. Doc looked up with an expression that was a mixture of relief and wonderment. The scanner showed my level to be…

(Is anyone besides Irritable Mother “upset” with me for leaving y’all dangling over this cliff?) :) smooches!

“Who among the gods is like You, O LORD? Who is like You-majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” Exodus 15:11 NIV


  1. Way to keep us hanging again! Hope you had a great weekend. :O)

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. Everyone has a story, something in their life that makes them who they are. This is what has made you the woman you are today...strong and loving and sensitive to the ways of the Lord.

  3. So I'm listening to this relaxing music while reading your story. The music and the story shouldn't go together, but somehow, because God's the author and finisher, the redeemer and healer, it all mixed together just right! Blessings on you, sis...

  4. Larie, look at you, teasing poor Irritable Mother. Tsk, tsk.


    I don't like being left hanging either, but I guess it's all part of the hook. LOL What a horrible time for you though. I just can't imagine that, and the doctor's reaction...grrr!

  5. You've left us hangin before, but it doesn't get any easier. So wrong, Larie!!! lol

  6. Larie, this whole series has been a cliffhanger! :-)

    Just make sure you stay on top of posting everyday! (wink) We don't want to have to wait too long!

  7. No more dangling, share!

    Joyfully His,
    Sarah Dawn

  8. Oh, you are a funny girl. Very funny!
    But I didn't get to read yesterday, so I already read your next entry and I know what your count was...30!
    Ha ha. No cliff for me today! *very big grin*

  9. Love the title! Like her, I skipped yesterday, too so I know the rest of the story - part of it, at least. :)


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