...of yes, I know, this is not what I said I'd post about today

I realized that you all did not get to read my dad's 50th tribute and I told you all that after he read it I would let you all read it. So, here it is, along with a photo of him reading it. "Janelle" and my mom decided to make a cameo in this photo!

50, You

Fifty years.
50 years, of you.

Fifty years of developing:
Commitment Patience Happiness Friendships Love

50 years cultivated:
Sacrifice Unselfishness Forgiveness Love Dependence

Fifty years gained:
Love Respect Understanding Legacies Victory

50 years of giving:
Unconditionally Freely Ungrudgingly Lovingly Always

Fifty years proved:
Knowledge Love Optimism Character Purpose

50 years sought out:
Hugs Fun Laughter Love Goodness

Fifty years in life:
Dedication Trust Love Comedic Labor

50 years has:
Loved Motivated Effected Treasured Helped

Fifty years sees:
Success Acceptance Generations Change Love

50 years is:
Love Kind Grateful Funny Generous

Dedicated to: Daddy
Date: 03 September 09
Occasion: Celebrating ½ century of love
Author: Larie C. Norvell


  1. Nice tribute to your Dad on his 50th birthday. I had my 50th this year, and it is a great milestone!

  2. Yes, but it's YOUR blog, and you can change your mind if you want to! *grin*
    What a great tribute to your daddy. He hung that up somewhere, right???

  3. Great tribute to your dad! Happy 50th birthday to him!


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