...of Am I Finally There?

I last asked, "Am I There Now?" Well, apparently not...

Upon exiting last night’s slumber, I had no idea that there would be so much that needed to be done in order for a “To Do List” to be compiled. At first glance, I wondered, “Man, I must have been tired last night; I don’t even remember writing a list.”

When I looked again, I noticed that the handwriting did not look like mine. “It must be Anton’s then,” I thought. However, I peeked at it & realized that he hadn’t penned it either! The script belongs to our oldest daughter, “Evelyn.” So you know I really had to examine the itemization closely:

1. Put make-up on
2. Wash face
3. Put cloths on
4. Come out bathroom
5. Don’t let DaDDy see make-up on

She’s only 7…



  1. Well, if she washes her face after the make up then she has nothing to worry about. :-) This is adorable!!!

  2. I was going to say the same thing Jessica said!

    The way I got around parents seeing the make up was by going to my best friend's house before getting on the bus - and putting it on THERE. *sheepish grin*


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