Good Life Girlfriends

I really enjoy watching the Centric channel on cable. The shows are what I grew up with and can relate to in some ways now. For example, I was watching reruns of "Girlfriends" and it reminded me of 4 special ladies in my life; my girlfriends, Anissa Barbie, Katrina M. Harrell, LaShanda Henry, and Rhonda Nails. Just like the characters on "Girlfriends" were all from different backgrounds and had different occupations but seemed to compliment one another, we too are the same. Each of us are from different areas originally but now live in North Carolina and have different occupations but we pull them together to make things greater than we imaged come to fruition.

Katrina M. Harrell and I first connected on Facebook and then were able to meet one one another in real life at LaShanda Henry's first Sista Sense Social in September of 2011. Then I met Anissa Barbie and Rhonda Nails at LaShanda's second Sista Sense Social this past February. We've bonded over business and have come to trust each other beyond the "professional" realm and have decided that we get together to get it together by living the good life!

We, the Good Life Girlfriends, are getting together to help you and your girlfriends get it together with a Women's Day Celebration on December 01, 2012, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Crabtree Valley Mall Community Center. Early bird tickets sold out in less than 24 hours! However, there's still four bring a friend options available and regular registration.

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  1. Beautiful. #BrownGirlSmiles All the best ladies!


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