...of Depression Helped Me Grow

The reality of depression often consumed me more than depression itself. The thought, "This can't be happening to me" often danced around in my mind. As I've shared before, I thought that depression wasn't real and then, I experienced it for myself. Open mouth and insert foot. However, I've come to the point where I can appreciate my depression. Depression has helped me grow by way of life saving lessons, blessings, and revelations.

If I hadn't fought the battles within the war of depression...

...I wouldn't have learned how to be compassionate. I now know what it is like to lie sluggishly in bed, cry, feel hopeless, and beg God to take it away. I know what it's like to feel "crazy" for feeling that way. I also know what it's like to force a smile for the sake of others comfort. I wouldn't have learned the lesson of judge not lest ye be judged, (Matthew 7:1-2).

...I wouldn't know what triumph is. I've been blessed to have overcome depression, therefore I can say to "you" during Depression Awareness Month 2013 that it is possible. I am able to share my story to help someone else who is currently in the place where I was just months ago. God has lovingly made me a witness for His glory as well as for the edification of those who will come after me.

...I wouldn't have seen some people for who they really are, myself included, (Proverbs 27:19). Revelations of the heart can be scary and hurtful but are necessary.

Overall, depression knocked my haughty butt down and made me look up...up to my Maker for what I lacked in character.



  1. Your words about depression and suffering are wise. Now you use what you learn to help others so you see it is in some ways a gift.

    1. Hello Terra! Thank you for reading and commenting. I do try to use what I've learned to help others, but I have to tell you, sometimes it's hard for me to find the gift so that I can share, but I do try.


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!