...of 2014 B4 Tour

Are you a business owner in need of motivation for innovation?

Would you like to learn from others who have been there AND done that?

How about networking in your pajamas?

When you answered yes to any one or all of the above questions, you also said, “I have to attend the 2014 B4 Tour!” Previously known as The Big Business on a Bankrupt Budget Tour, which provided strategic information on taxes and how to build a business on a bankrupt budget, the 2014 B4 Tour virtual conference focuses on Re-Branding, Re-Booting, and Re-Building your business.

Rhonda Nails, a.k.a. “The Success Instigator,” of Project P.U.S.H. built her 1st business while going through bankruptcy and wrote an e-book about it in 2012. Sometime later, she teamed with Anissa Barbee, a.k.a. “The Tax Chick,” of Transformation Tax and shared her experience on a multi-city workshop tour that quickly gained demand. The Success Instigator says, “After the last workshop in 2013 I realized that building a business is more than more than just business strategy and taxes. It encompassed a variety to topics that are key when building a business…even on a bankrupt budget. Big Business on a Bankrupt Budget is not about building it cheap, getting it free or having a reduced mindset. This re-vamped tour is about building business with the best and most effective resources for the longevity of your business, time and LIFE.”

The 2014 B4 virtual conference’s focus is delivering solutions that can be implemented for business success with topics such as:

Let's Get Social! with Lucille Divine

Essential Financial Management Habits for a Healthy Business with Kemberli Stephenson, MBA

Profitable Radio Marketing Exposed with Katherine Waddell

How to Grab an Opt-In Form that Grabs Readers' Attention with Veronica Drake

Turning Browsers into Buyers with LaShanda Henry

Grategize Your Business with Lisa Ryan

Registration for the 2014 B4 Tour began today, November 01, 2013, and the conference is taking place on Tuesday, April 01, 2014 between the hours of Noon- 7 P.M.

“ #2014B4Tour is the business owner’s motivation for innovation” ~Larie~


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