...of Smell Good for the CAUSE!

“live good. feel good. smell good™.”

This is Smell Goods’ 98™, (a family owned & operated retailer of all-natural bath & body products), sacred word! Specializing in signature oil blends, hand-dipped incense, & effective made-to-order, bath & body products, Smell Goods ‘98™ delivers natural satisfaction to your body!

After some difficulty of not locating a specific peddler for preferred oils and/or incense, the Smell Goods Lady & her husband decided to create delicious products for the body by blending together raw ingredients, such as cocoa, Shea, & almond, saturated with natural, essential, & fragrant oils then finished off with an infusion of herbs; surely, a gourmet experience for our bodies! Established since 1998 and currently succeeding, Smell Goods ‘98™ should be audaciously looking ahead to another decade!

Right now my underarms are lightly brushed with the Essentials Deodorant, (Basil, Sage, Mint flavor), that aromatically hypnotizes me all-day-long, (Yesssssss, I sniff my pits okaaaaaayyyyahh, LOL!). However, tonight my lullaby will be the fragrance of Peace, also an Essential Deodorant! I like Smell Goods ‘98™ deodorant because as a result of my thyroid matters, there are times when I become very sweaty, (and I mean to the point of heavily dampening my clothes), and I end up having to shower & change clothes. Well, I noticed that since using the Essentials Deodorant, not only do my armpits not sweat as bad, but it also stays with me! By that I mean its’ aroma stood persuasively sensing even when I did begin to sweat, whereas with prior deodorants and/or antiperspirants it smelled as if I had used nothing at all!

I’m also presently enjoying the Calm-scented Specialty Bar. Its’ fragrance is relaxing and when paired with the Peace-scented Essentials Deodorant, WOW, one doesn’t outshine the other; they harmoniously cooperate! Smell Goods ‘98™ also offers fine fragrance oils, some of which I’ve tried, (Green Tea Medley/Wild Berry Medley, Milk & Honey, Coconutty, & Sheba), that aren’t oily or scented too strongly. My nose appreciates being bombarded by the tasty aromas which do not make my nose itch or cause me to sneeze!

Now, my boasting isn’t just about how much I enjoy using Smell Goods ‘98™ bath & body products, but also about the awesome cause they are supporting. They have partnered with Solutions Cancer Resource Center Inc., (a support service for the daily needs of children with Cancer, children who have lost a parent to Cancer, and for the caregivers of Cancer Patients), by monetarily supporting the SCRC Inc. in an effort for the assistance of those with terminal illnesses to continue!

Their current project is cleverly named, “Smell Good for the CAUSE!” A blend of saponified coconut oil & raw cocoa butter is molded in a luxurious pink bath bar which sports a ribbon! Proceeds from every purchase go to the SCRC, Inc.! So, as an advocate for Smell Goods ‘98™ and Cancer support resources, I am giving away 2, (two) of the Smell Good for the CAUSE bars to one person; one to keep and one to share! To be considered for this giveaway, you should leave a comment below about how Breast Cancer has affected you physically, or personally by way of a loved one. You have the remainder of the week to enter as I will select a winner over the weekend and make the announcement on Monday, 03 October 2011.

You can visit the Solutions Cancer Resource Center Inc. here and/or at their blog for more ways to help, receive encouragement or give encouragement! You can also visit Smell Goods ‘98™ website and/or blog to keep up with other great offers and of course to get your “Smell Good on!”



  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. Smell Goods 98 have a fabulous variety of products that are tailored specifically to the clients made by order (how special is that??). I have used their products and I can attest to being a very happy client. Smell Goods for the CAUSE is another great item which I highly recommend to everyone.

  2. HI Larie. I've never heard of this company but they sound great. I'll have to look out for it. Hope your weekend is great.

  3. I had a whole comment and it was deleted by my own hands. Ugh. I am a single mom who is also a 2x breast cancer survivor. What breast cancer does to a woman and her friends and family can't be expressed in a paragraph or by the pink ribbon. Your humanity and femininity are ripped away from you. And after treatment, there are still physical issues. You must usually deal with these alone because people don't understand cancer doesn't stop after treatment. If you want to know more, please visit my blog. I hope you don't mind the plug.

    The incense still smells great!


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